Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

New Jersey mud experience

Well, it had to happen. Lost my GPS at one of the caches. Must have dropped it somewhere in the vicinity of the Magoo's Maps cache. Not sure why though. It wasn't a difficult walk at all. Anyway, I went and bought a new GPS, an eTrex Legend this time. And continued finding caches. Got used to the controls after two caches and it actually is easier to work with, in some ways, than the eTrex Basic. And the basemap is okay, even if it is missing a lot of streets. I guess I might get the MapSource CDs next.

Magoo's Maps (New Jersey)
Veterans Park in Piscataway. Very easy cache and dash. Area was very wet and muddy though. Trading park maps is a good idea. Lost GPS here.

Team B Conackamack Middle School Cache (New Jersey)
Meuly Park in Piscataway. Another in the series of caches placed by middle school students. This one needed maintenance as the container was cracked and wet.

Magoo's Mile (New Jersey)
D&R Canal in Somerset. Easy walk on the only walking path in the area. Sneaky hide. Slippery mud in the vicinity.

Magoo's Motors (New Jersey)
Colonial Park in Somerset. Didn't find this one. It required info from a travel bug but I had that info. Oh well. Can't win em all.

Castle Park Kids Cache (New Jersey)
Shunpike Park in Madison, NJ. Charming little park with a nice playground.

Sitting CrossLegged on the Floor (New Jersey)
Pleasant Valley Park in Basking Ridge. A tricky cache. But I knew what was going on right away because... well, I can't tell.

One If By Land (New Jersey)
Lord Stirling Park in Basking Ridge. Very wet and swampy area because it is a swamp! Even more so after the recent rains, apparently. Fortunately, there was a less wet trail leading to the cache. And this is the first cache I happened to spot while swatting a mosquito. So they aren't all bad. Wish they wouldn't bite to much though.

Look in the back seat (New Jersey)
Chester, NJ. On the Patriots Path, a very long trail running through many parks in Morris County. Quick and fun cache.

Chubb Woods Dollar Exchange (New Jersey)
Chubb Park in Chester. Once again, supposedly a tricky cache but I saw it right away. This would be considered more of the same in South Jersey. :)

Randolph Trails Micro (New Jersey)
Brundage Park in Randolph. Other cachers have expressed discontent at this cache because it looks like a piece of trash and was placed by an out-of-state cacher who could not possibly maintain it. But... a find's a find.

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