Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island Tour

Another day, another 10 caches on Long Island. It's interesting to check the eTrex Legend's map display when I'm near bodies of water. Some of the landforms are so simplified that it looked like I was driving or walking across water when in fact, there was a narrow strip of land. The basemap appeared to be more useful for the NYC highways but I knew my way around already so I didn't need it. I still have no idea what that circle is around the pointer. I'll have to read the manual to find out.

Kissena Park in Queens. The cache was wrapped in a plastic bag and left in plain sight. I thought it was trash at first but I poked it and it was cache.

! M E D U S A ! (New York)
Kissena Park in Queens. Couldn't find this one. Found one object that looked like Medusa but the cache wasn't there. Actually, a number of objects looked like Medusas in the area but more vaguely so.

Alley Pond Park in Queens. Very confusing place full of narrow twisty trails all alike.

LWK-1 Foot Bridge (New York)
In Jericho. jbadger's first hidden cache. Very easy pickup but may be difficult if you don't know what to look for.

Mount Laurel Cache (New York)
West Hills Park in Melville. One of the few hilly areas in Long Island.

Raditz-1 (New York)
Bill Richards Memorial Park in Smithtown. Pretty standard cache hide but there didn't seem to be any direct trails so I went all the way around by the pond.

Walk on the Weld side (New York)
Weld Sanctuary (Nature Conservancy) in St James. Easy walk. The cache hider provided a photo but the area looked nothing like that. It's amazing how much difference a month or two can make in terms of the amount of brush in the area.

Kalers Pond (New York)
Kalers Pond Park in Center Moriches. Quick dash and grab from the nature trail. Nice pond though.

Bonac Witch Project (New York)
Barcelona Neck County Park in Sag Harbor. Easy walk for about half a mile. The object of interest here is an old house that's a bit burnt up but mostly standing. There are warning signs to keep out as the structure is possibly unstable.

Cedar Point Mystery (New York)
Cedar Point County Park in East Hampton. Long beach walk for more than a mile. There's an old stone building right at the tip of the sand spit. Don't know whose it is or what it is though. That's the mystery.

Moody Maidstone (New York)
Maidstone Park in East Hampton. Quick dash and grab.

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