Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Why I'm Not A Food Critic XII

Decided to go to a diner for lunch today after not having had that much to eat over the weekend. This time, I picked the Stateline Diner on Route 17 Northbound in Mahwah. Amazingly enough, I'd never been there in the eight years since I moved here even though it's only about five miles away.

The exterior of the diner is the usual shiny chrome-like finish. The inside, however, is a bit more classy with extensive wood-paneling. Only the stained ceiling offered a glimpse of what it was like before the renovation.

I had the jumbo crabcakes. I was able to get the fries with gravy. Those would've been perfect if the fries hadn't been steak fries. The crabcakes themselves were filled with stuffing and surimi, so they weren't really crabcakes. But for that price, I didn't expect authentic crabcakes. The dish was topped with onion rings, which were delightful.

I also realized today that I hadn't gotten anything together to donate to the Anthrocon charity auction. Well, I remedied that tonight and emailed the charity auction director. I certainly have more than enough toys lying around to spare a few.
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