Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Cacher's Deal

Yet another crazy sleep schedule episode in which I fell asleep at 7pm yesterday evening and woke up at 2:30am. But I got a lot done after waking up and in the morning, I went out for this geocache...

The Cacher's Deal (New Jersey)
It's in the Tourne Park in Boonton. Got there and the gates were closed. What exactly is it about Morris County Parks that open several hours after sunrise? Don't they know people need to walk their dogs and find geocaches before work. Well, just the latter for me. Anyway, I drove around the park and parked in the parking area on the West side. The gate was closed there too but at least there was a parking area and trailhead.

So then I took a walk up the trail and then up another trail to the cache. Not very steep at all even if it was going uphill. A very easy cache to find as I saw the likely hiding spot from over 100 feet away. (so why do I need new glasses?) And after that, I left, got stuck for a few minutes in Boonton's unbelievable traffic jam and took a different route to work.

Picture: The cache

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