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Megatrends :)

Had to call BC Harris Publishing to update and confirm my entry in the Columbia University Alumni Directory. That didn't take too long because nothing had changed in seven years! Boy, am I in a rut or what? :) Actually, I'm surprised I haven't moved or changed jobs yet. Guess it's not so bad around here.

Fast forward to the alumni directory update for 2023: (They do that every seven years.)

(insert time travel special effects here...)

  1. Still living in the same place and working in the same place. Still complaining about work and and all those demanding customers like any other 49 year-old. "What do they mean they want a do-what-i-mean feature added to the mind-reading module??" :)

  2. The Montvale PD traffic hotline finally has a use when it takes an hour to drive a mile down Chestnut Ridge Road.

  3. Geocache find #17,600. (assuming I'm already doing about as well as I can do... however, cache placement will most likely slow down once caches are piled six or seven deep in all public spaces.)

  4. Entered 550,000 bills worth $990,000 at Where's George with 137,500 total hits and 48,700 hits in NJ. (assuming 24,000 bills entered per year. The other figures are all just in the same proportions as they are today.)

  5. The RC5-64 project at is done. (They had serious doubts when it got to 110% complete. :) ) The OGR-24 project is still held up by a few uncompleted packets buffered by a computer somewhere. :P

  6. Attendance at Anthrocon 2023 is 73,600. 73,599 are fursuiters. Uncle Kage has to take all the photos. :) All the elevators get stuck on the mysterious 13th floor that does not exist.

  7. Aging shock jocks, Opie and Anthony, do a play by play of a couple having "Sex for Sam" on the Great Lawn in Central Park. No one notices.

  8. Still no hovercars.

Have a good weekend. Expect more complaints about the Turnpike and Parkway traffic once I get back. :)

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