Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Summer Picnic event

Went to the 1st Annual Devil of a Summer Picnic in the Brendan T. Byrne State Forest today. Some rain but not enough to really affect things. Met lots of geocachers. Some new faces among the regulars. Teamed up with Tom and Steve to find seven caches before lunch. Did another bunch later on my own.

Also launched my new travel bug in the Piney Power cache.

Jack's Back! (New Jersey)
Roebling Memorial Park in Trenton. This was actually on the way to the picnic. It was only a detour of a few miles from my route so it was a quick stop. Nice lake and the trail was on a narrow barrier going across the lake.

And here are the picnic caches... next seven were done with Tom and Steve.

The Legend of Wooley Swamp! (New Jersey)
Very near the picnic area. I didn't see it at first so I continued entering coordinates for the other caches. Others soon came along and helped in the search.

Jr's Pocket Cache (New Jersey)

Devil in Camo (New Jersey)

Children of the Pines (New Jersey)

Piney Power (New Jersey)
Tough one but Steve found it. Left 3 travel bugs.

Needle in the Pines (New Jersey)

Mickey Mo' (New Jersey)
Waterlogged area. I hear it wasn't waterlogged at the time the cache was placed but the rains flooded the area. I went straight across the water and found the cache right away. Seems to have stumped others though.

Look a Byrne Dam!! (New Jersey)
This is the big group hunt. A mass exodus took place after lunch and four vehicle-loads of geocachers went to the spot to combine their hunting powers.

Six Points (New Jersey)
Odd junction with a stone monument. Six sand roads meet at this spot.

Mother Earth (New Jersey)

FroSkiKen = Forseek'en!! (New Jersey)
Supposedly a challenge micro but I found it.

Goin Down with the Ship (New Jersey)
This is just a few miles outside the Brendan T. Byrne State Forest. No idea what area this is except that it is across the road from an ATV park. Funny thing, if you read the cache description, is there's a wrecked boat next to the main trail with 'HMS Titanic' written on it.

For What it's Worth (New Jersey)
Greenwood WMA, down the road East from Byrne State Forest. I was advised to tackle this cache first to avoid unnecessary U-turns. And indeed that was good advice. Interesting area where there used to be a clay factory. Didn't see any ruins still standing though.

Bad to the Bone cache (New Jersey)
Greenwood WMA. Former sand road that's being reclaimed by nature.

In addition to all that, there was one bonus cache, "Here comes the Sun... crush and Traumajunkie", in the Byrne State Forest that still hasn't been posted. I think I was mostly taking the wrong roads because I drove down a lot of narrow sand roads of dubious quality to get there. And the location was on the divider in the middle of some square ponds. I was the first, and probably the only finder of the day.

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