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Another South Jersey Trip

I guess I should've stayed in a motel just like everyone at the picnic was telling me to. That way I wouldn't have to drive all the way back to South Jersey again. I did see three motels on US-206 on the way home last night but all of them looked just a bit dubious. Oh well... maybe I'll be less picky next time.

Is there a minimum distance from home before it becomes irrefutably worthwhile to get a motel room? I've stayed in motels for two-day caching trips to Maryland and Delaware before so I know 150-200 miles is far enough. Then again I like the Comfort Inn in Newark, DE. (which I'm told is pronounced differently from the Newark in NJ, but I digress)

Youngsters Cache @ Atsion (New Jersey)
MAPS (New Jersey)
Wharton State Forest. Two caches along a little-known trail North of Atsion Lake. At least the first one is. The second looks a bit off into the untamed area. :)

Whisper of the Pines...Lapping of the Water (New Jersey)
Atsion Recreation Area in the Wharton State Forest. It's possible to access the cache from the other direction but I chose to park at the Atsion Recreation Area in order to circulate some Where's George dollar bills. :) (entrance fee) Long walk but the first part was on a very easy fine gravel trail.

World's First all Recycled Bridge (New Jersey)
Goshen Pond Camping Area in the Wharton State Forest. Couldn't find this one but I didn't expect to get this right away anyway.

Sand Traps (New Jersey)
Wharton State Forest. Across the bridge from the previous cache and a long walk on some sand roads. I walked because I didn't think my car would make it down the sandy road. The sand was about a foot deep and very soft most of the way.

Bull frog (New Jersey)
Wharton State Forest, maybe. It says so on the map but then you see some private property signs just South of the sand road so you gotta wonder. This is an area with cranberry bogs delineated by rectangular trails. Unfortunately, the cache spot is full of ticks. Ugh!

Quiet Side Of The Lake (New Jersey)
Lake Lenape Tackle Box (New Jersey)
"Oh No!! Not Another Paddle To...." (New Jersey)
Lake Lenape (Atlantic County Parks) in Mays Landing. Got a vehicle access permit so that I could park closer to the first cache. And the other two weren't too far away either.

River Scout (New Jersey)
Camp Acagisca (Atlantic County Parks) in Mays Landing. The same vehicle access permit could be used here too so I dropped in to pick up this cache.

Roadside Table (New Jersey)
Small rest area along Route 50, South of Mays Landing. This spot has a picnic table but no restrooms or trash cans. Doesn't seem like anyone uses it either. Odd.

Hide-a-way (New Jersey)
Atlantic County Park in Egg Harbor Township. Short walk through woods and then a swampy area with biting flies. Interesting abandoned warehouse in the swamp.

Bring Flat Stuff (New Jersey)
Egg Harbor Township. Another drive up a sand road. Parked when I could not drive any closer. Short walk to what appears to be a dump in a No Dumping area. Lots of big junk here.

High Wire (New Jersey)
Egg Harbor Township. Great Egg Harbor Bay. Followed the trail and the powerlines. More biting flies and ticks to deal with but the cache was a straightforward find.

Total: 1665 -- YTD: 432

Dinner was at the Arby's in Northfield once again. It's one of my favorites.

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