Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Air conditioner

While driving around town getting some errands done, I noticed the car air conditioner wasn't working. It was just blowing hot air. And this had to happen during a heat wave too! Went to get that fixed this evening. The reason it wasn't working was a bit indirect. Turns out that the radiator fan wasn't working so the engine was overheating. And that shuts off the air conditioner compressor. Well... after replacing the fan assembly, the car's once again ice cold. murr...

Also got an oil change since it was time for that. Mileage is 143,787.

While waiting, I called the NY Newsday reporter and did the interview. She informed me that she had already called some NYC and Long Island geocachers. Since the basics had already been covered, the focus was more along the lines of what drives my particular insanity. :) She'll let me know when the article will appear in the newspaper.
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