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Why I'm Not A Food Critic XIII and XIV

I've found to be a good source of reviews and info about good cheap eats around here. And there's a whole section for New Jersey hot dog places!

Johnny and Hanges
Since my car's air conditioner is now working, I decided to go out a bit further for lunch. Kevin recommended this place over in Fair Lawn. It's on Maple Ave just South of the Maple Ave and Rt 208 interchange. The weirdest thing outside is the parking space reserved for Elvis. Uhh... let me know when he stops by, okay? :) I had two hot dogs All The Way, which is their term for adding chili, onions and mustard. The hot dogs were deep fried, which certainly does make them taste better than boiled. I also had the fries with gravy, which was good.

Rutt's Hut
Since I had hot dogs for lunch, why not hot dogs for dinner too? Rutt's Hut is in Clifton, sandwiched between River Rd and Rt 21. Access is from River Rd. What's odd here is the list of record holders posted near the door. Someone named Bill ate 16 hot dogs! Anyway, I had the hot dog platter. Also ordered the fries with gravy, just to check it out. The platter came with two hot dogs deep fried until they're wrinkled, a mound of potato salad, a mound of coleslaw, slices of tomato and slices of cucumber. Quite a feast. Apart from their famous hot dogs, which were delectable, Rutt's Hut also seems to have a lot of the standard diner fare on the menu.

There are many other hot dog places listed at HollyEats. I just might try Callahan's and Hiram's over in Fort Lee the next time I get a hot dog craving.

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