Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Received email from the NY Newsday reporter. The article on geocaching will come out on Monday, June 30. I'll link to it on that day if the article is online.

I'm also supposed to be receiving some cards soon for the 2003 NYGO State Picnic. Considering the event is in Western NY, I'm not sure it would do any good to place the cards in geocaches where I am... but okay.

Just found out that the construction going on at the Hillsdale Toll Plaza on the Garden State Parkway is to install Express EZPass. This looks to me like a step in the wrong direction. Okay, so you will soon be able to drive through the tolls at 45 MPH instead of 15 MPH. So what? Why incur additional construction costs when the money would be better spent eliminating tolls?

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