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Another rocking adventure in South Jersey and the Philly area. Met The Oracle on the Turnpike. (Who knew?) Stayed overnight in Runnemede and had lots of Wawa. Nearly had a car wreck on US-206 on the way home. Brought home pesky flies (living souvenirs?) from the marshes.


The Green Cache (New Jersey)
Helyar Woods, Rutgers campus, New Brunswick. Quick and easy. Would have been quicker if the gate weren't closed when I got there. Apparently, I was early. But the gate was open when I left. Doh!

Here's the part about The Oracle. By mistake, I got into the ticket lane instead of the EZPass lane on entry to the Turnpike. So I had to pay up at the ticket lane when it was time to exit. The toll clerk had a striking resemblance to The Oracle in both Matrix movies. No, she didn't tell me about choice vs. predetermination, or candy, or breaking vases, or baking my noodle. However, I could see she was having a rough time with the ticket reading machine, which kept getting jammed.

Going to a Yankees Game Moving Cache (Pennsylvania)
Waterfront Park (Trenton Thunder stadium), Trenton. This is a small park area next to a minor league baseball stadium. The cache is a moving cache so I picked it up and took it across the Delaware to another location near Philadelphia. Placed some sticks in an 'X' to indicate that I had claimed the cache. Moving caches are interesting but they would really suck for the next person who goes there after it has left.

Cinnaminson Park (New Jersey)
Cinnaminson Park in Cinnaminson. Town park with a pretty standard trail around a lake. Nice to have some simple caches.

Skate Board park Cache (New Jersey)
Moorestown. This park has a skating rink that was being used for roller hockey practice when I was there. Another easy cache provided one goes around the thick bushes to find the correct way in.

Who's afraid of... (New Jersey)
Thorofare. Not sure what this area is but it looks like it is next to the grounds of an oil refinery. Had a bit of trouble and it turned out that the coordinates given were inaccurate. Found the cache anyway using the clues.

It's Revolutionary! (Pennsylvania)
Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia. Didn't find this one but it was probably more a technicality than anything. I heard that someone had moved the cache so I asked for him at the office but he wasn't there. Turns out my information was incorrect so I'll go back another time.

Save The Garden Cache (Pennsylvania)
Bodine Street Community Garden in Philadelphia. Small garden tucked away between buildings. The website has a webcam.

Illegal Aliens (Pennsylvania)
Wissahickon Park, Philadelphia. The upper trail was okay but going off-trail necessarily involved clambering around on a slope that's steep in some places. So that's what I did to get to the cache.

Ring-finger (Pennsylvania)
Wissahickon Park, Philadelphia. This is just 0.6 miles further along the trail from Illegal Aliens so I continued walking instead of driving and parking again. I didn't think there was a closer parking area anyway. Pinto's Fingerspan is a fairly interesting rock formation. It's probably a bit easier the way I got there because I descended onto the rock formation from the upper trail instead of climbing up from the lower trail.

Paper Mill (Pennsylvania)
Rittenhouse Town, Philadelphia. Small collection of historic buildings near Lincoln Drive.

River Walk Inc. (Pennsylvania)
Conshohocken. No idea what this park is. Riverside trail that extends out from a corporate parking lot. Easy flat walk.

Numerology (Pennsylvania)
Smedley Park in Springfield. Very confusing area. Somehow I always pick the wrong trails. Also the final stage seems to be in a difficult area to get to but I did after following some rather dubious (and possibly non-park) trails.

Trade Show Cache (Pennsylvania)
Hildacy Farms Preserve in Media. Pretty easy walk in an area with a mix of meadows and woods.

Teegarden Park (Pennsylvania)
Teegarden Park in Berwyn. Difficult park to find but there were only so many roads pointing towards the park so it was just a matter of driving around. The cache itself was a snap.

Stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn in Runnemede. I had a discount letter from the hotel because of a complaint I made the last time I went. I like the location because it is just up the street from a Wawa store. So I got both dinner and breakfast at Wawa. Brought the food back to the hotel room to eat while watching Cartoon Network. Now that's the good life.

Picture: The moving cache in transit


Fort Mott Bug Hotel (New Jersey)
Fort Mott State Park in Salem. Decided to get these two Salem County caches because this part of New Jersey is especially far from home and I didn't know when I would next be spending the night in South Jersey. Anyway, this wasn't too hard.

House Numbers (New Jersey)
Basically a tour of historic houses in Salem County. Quite a bit of driving but relatively easy to do. Getting to the final stage was almost unbearable because of the swarm of pesky biting flies in the area.

Devil with the Blue Dress On!! (New Jersey)
Long drive back to the pine barrens. This is near Batsto. Easy find but boy, it sure is elaborate with the setup. :)

Magnetic Mercury (New Jersey)
Near the Pleasant Mills Church and Cemetery. I had no idea how to drive in there because the bridge was closed so I walked in past the bridge and onto the sand road. Found a snake stretched out lazily across the sand road. Actually, I nearly stepped on it because it blended in a little with the sand.

Bridge of Sighs (New Jersey)
Penn State Forest near Lake Oswego. Interesting hide but easy to figure out.

Grandma's Paisley Pshall (New Jersey)
Also in Penn State Forest. No idea what the significance of the cache's name is but it was a very easy roadside deal. The warning here should be that any maps may be out of date. I thought I'd picked out the most direct sand road from the previous cache but contrary to the map, it veered off in the wrong direction and ended at a closed gate. So I had to try another sand road.

Penny Lane (New Jersey)
Byrne State Forest. Not far from the Summer Picnic spot. Micro cache hidden in the woods. Ya think it should be more than two stars for difficulty?

PVC Prize (New Jersey)
Byrne State Forest. Also not far from the Summer Picnic spot. This cache was put together at the picnic.

Washout! (New Jersey)
Whitesbog Village in the Byrne State Forest. Got there just by taking sand roads that seemed to go in the correct direction. Made the correct choices so I didn't have to turn around, although the sand roads I was taking seemed to get narrower and narrower until they were just the width of the car. Parked a short distance away and had to walk the rest of the way. Part of the walk involved crossing a partially collapsed beaver dam so I did get wet. Part of the dam broke off while I was crossing and the water started flowing a lot faster. Uh oh. Good thing the beavers weren't around or they'd be angry beavers.

Then it was time to go home. Went back home via US-206, which probably was a mistake. It was a very busy undivided highway with a single lane for each direction. Had a nasty surprise when an oncoming vehicle tried to overtake with not enough room. I had to veer off to the side of the road with only a split-second to spare. It's a wonder there aren't more accidents on US-206 with people doing stupid dangerous things like that.

When I got home, I found that some small black flies from the marshes of Salem County had hitched a ride. These flies are annoying. Hopefully their natural lifespans aren't too long or I'll have to get a bugzapper or insecticide.

Pictures: Fort Mott State Park, Cows in Salem County

Oh by the way, I went out again and managed to get a copy of Newsday at the local 7-Eleven.

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