Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Palisades Center Mall Update

Went to the mall this evening for some Arby's. Took a look at some of the other stores too.

The Eddie Bauer store was having a closing down sale. (40-60% off) Even with the discount though, prices were still higher than Target and other stores so it's no mystery why they're closing. Palisades Center just isn't an upscale mall.

The Disney Store was having a sale too. But that's their semi-annual plush toy sale, not a closing down sale.

I found some Rite in the Rain all-weather notebooks at Restoration Hardware. Marked down too. I'll use those as geocache logbooks because the games don't stop in the rain.

CompUSA... hmm, this is really weird. There wasn't a single copy of the CompUSA flyer in the store. Instead they had posted flyers from Best Buy and Circuit City outside the store. What's going on there? Why were they advertising for other stores? Is that store the next one to go down the tubes?

The sales tax is now 8.125%. I think it was 7.25% before both the state and the county raised taxes. Ouch. I'm going to have to shop in Paramus more even if this mall is nearer.

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