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A few words from my other hobbies...

Forgot about this yesterday but I've been on Livejournal for one year!

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Where's George: Finally received a hit on a $50 bill. I'm not surprised it took more than 3 3/4 years though because I haven't been using many fifties. I think that bill was used to pay for this auto repair. Where's George is great that way. Sometimes bills from a while back get hits and bring back memories.

Fotolog: Oh no! I'm taking pictures of food now. I'm incurable. :)

GasBuddy: The Saddle River Exxon sells gas at an astounding $1.69 per gallon. I posted that over at New Jersey Gas Prices, where it now sits in the highest prices list, 20 cents more than the next highest. I would be amazed if anyone goes there for gas since it's just $1.31 per gallon out on Route 17. The only explanation I can think of is maybe the bulk of their business is in auto repairs in their garage section.
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