Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island

Probably shouldn't have gone that way on Saturday. I have no idea how anyone gets around NYC on any day but Sunday. Congested roads. Accidents all over the place. Neverending construction at the CIP/LIE interchange.

Wantagh Parkway. Traffic jam. As I drove past the accident site, I saw a lady sitting on the parkway, head between hands. Her car with extensive front-end damage was just a few feet away by the concrete median. Be careful on those highways.

Walkway by the Cross Island Parkway. Alley Pond Park in Queens. Easy walk on the paved bike path. Cache contains a book of puzzles to be completed by finders.

! M E D U S A ! (New York)
Kissena Park in Queens. Easy walk on the many paths running through the park. Not hard to find with the corrected coordinates although GPS reception is poor in the area.

Take it...'cause ya can't leave it! (New York)
Valley Stream State Park in Valley Stream. Used a side entrance to get there. Walked through the woods via small paths.

Dead Head Cache (New York)
Bass Fishing Area in North Merrick. Had to climb over the fence for this one as I had no idea where the entrance was. But it was a short fence and that part had buckled under the weight of others who had climbed before I did. Easy walk and find.

Big Nosed Whistler (New York)
Cold Spring Harbor State Park in Cold Spring Harbor. Scenic bay area. Short walk uphill via blazed trail to the cache. Easy.

dog walkers dream (New York)
Edgewood Oak Brush Plains Preserve in Huntington Station. There was nothing indicating the name or anything about the area though, apart from some crumpled signs near the trailhead. Nothing in the info board. This is an interesting site, formerly of a hospital. Old Commack Road is still in reasonably good condition, although it has been closed to traffic.

3-Way Decision (New York)
A small Nature Conservancy preserve in Coram. Had to let myself in because the gate was closed. (but unlocked) Easy walk but I bushwhacked part of the way because I lost the trail. Still easy to get to.

Hoop the 'D' (New York)
Marina area in Bellport. I'm such a nut because I searched the canoe thoroughly and then found the cache somewhere else! Hope that was his canoe.

Mothers Beach (New York)
Beach area in Bellport. Apparently it is a private beach and parking is reserved for Bellport residents only. However, I came in from the side by walking along the narrow beach. Very quick find considering how well it was covered up.

Total: 1731 - YTD: 498

Dinner was at the A&W - Long John Silver's co-branded restaurant in West Islip. For me, that's the best part of any LI trip. :) They changed the batter for the fish. It's a little better. They must have made the bitter batter better with butter. Seriously though, people may have made some suggestions as the fish wasn't as good as the Patchogue LJS.

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