Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

White Memorial Foundation Picnic

Headed out to Litchfield County in Connecticut today for the White Memorial Foundation Picnic. It was held on the White Memorial Foundation Property in Litchfield. Also hit some caches before, during and after the event. As always, good food good folks and good times.

Accident du jour: Truck tipped over on I-287. Some wood furniture spilled out onto the highway. Not too long of a traffic delay.

Father & Son, #1 (Connecticut)
Bear Mountain Reservation in Danbury. Found this one on the way to the picnic. Significant walk but not difficult. Some views of Candlewood Lake but obscured by trees.

Mini Mite Cache (For Kids) (Connecticut)
New Milford, in a small town park. Another stop on the way to the picnic. Found it without too much of a problem.

Bantam River (Connecticut)
Found at picnic. Short walk on the road from the picnic area. Found others at the cache site so it was easy.

SkyTrek ESPC # 1 (Connecticut)
Found at picnic. Cache was difficult to get to but thankfully some canoers came along to help.

Primal Forest (Connecticut)
Found at picnic. An easy one on the Nature Trail.

A Birdwatcher's Micro (Connecticut)
Found at picnic. Good view of the lake from the birdwatch platform.

Mt. Tom Cache (Connecticut)
Mt Tom State Park in Washington Depot. Came here after the picnic. Good climb up the mountain. Some elevation change but not too difficult. Incredible view from the top of the tower.

whyantsknock (Connecticut)
Wyantenock State Forest in Marbledale. Long walk on an old road with some elevation change. Quiet pond at the end. Met Uconn on the trail on my way back.

I'm Bored, Man! (Connecticut)
Near the Boardman Bridge in New Milford. Short walk but difficult because of the brush beating and rock hopping.

Terri's Tories (Connecticut)
Tory's Cave in New Milford. Could almost drive there with a good enough vehicle. I didn't. Not a long walk from where I parked though. I think I must have come in the back way because I got to the cache first before the cave.

Mandy's Cache (Connecticut)
Danbury Fair Mall in Danbury. Actually came here twice. The first time, I was here in the morning but the police had the mall perimeter sealed off and were inspecting every vehicle on entry. Did someone call in a bomb threat? Anyway, I didn't want to search for a cache with police swarming the place so I left. Came back in the evening and all was quiet.

Total: 1743 - YTD: 510

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