Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Why I'm Not A Food Critic XVI

It was late so I decided to dine nearby at the Canton Gourmet (formerly New China) restaurant on Chestnut Ridge Road in Montvale. This restaurant's claim to fame is it was once visited by Richard Nixon. Wonder what he ordered. Actually, it's not new to me as I've been here a number of times for the lunch buffet. I always thought the lunch buffet was quirky and a bit limited but then again, the gold standard around here for Chinese buffets is Grand Buffet in Ramsey. Everything else will pale by comparison. (Except for that new buffet place in Spring Valley... ah, so many restaurants so little time.)

There's no dinner buffet so I ordered the shrimp pan fried noodles. That didn't take very long to prepare. And I was surprised by how good that was. It's at least 90% as good as the same dish at Moon House in Chinatown NYC, and without too much unnecessary fluff. The noodles were crispy and there was a generous helping of shrimp.

And finally, the fortune cookie...

Win a "Job to Die For" at And watch Showtime's new...

umm, no, that's not it. *turns the fortune over*

You find beauty in ordinary things. Do not lose this ability.

I think I've received this one before. Beauty... hmm... how about The Octagon House?
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