Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Adding to the junk heap of cameras...

Some time during Anthrocon, I broke the Sony Mavica. I guess it didn't take too well to being accidentally dropped onto the floor. I already had some pictures from Friday and Saturday so it wasn't a total loss. Anyway, I probably won't ever consider that line of cameras again. The floppy drive is just too fragile. It was quite a novelty in its day before memory sticks and CompactFlash but it's obsolete now.

I remembered there was a digital camera somewhere so I started searching when I came home. Indeed there was. The Largan Chameleon Mega that came with the Dell PC was still sitting on the table. It's quite limited in features and there's no LCD preview but the captured images aren't too bad after a bit of tweaking with Photoshop Elements. Picture #1 Picture #2. It might make a good camera for geocaching because it is light and I won't be terribly upset if it gets smashed on a rock or floats down a stream.

Since I was at the Palisades Center Mall though, I took a look at what digital cameras the electronics stores there had to offer. Picked up a Nikon Coolpix 2000 at CompUSA since they were having a one-week special. I'll see how this works out. Most of the digicams would have been fine though. All I really needed was the LCD preview and some optical zoom. Considering that most of the pictures I take will be shrunk down to 500x500, even 1 megapixel would be more than enough.

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