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Bill stampers

Another oil change for the car this evening. Has it been only one month since the last one? Had to replace the two rear tires since they were pretty worn out.

Just mailed my 4th quarter 2002 estimated taxes today. Yes, that's over four months ahead of schedule but I'm done, done, done! Why don't I just increase tax withholding? Well... this way I can george the money beforehand. Heheh.

Speaking of which, I just reached 47,000 bills. Slowing down a bit. Also, tomorrow will be my 3rd anniversary at Where's George? and what a ride it has been! But that's for tomorrow.

Today, we'll have a bit of dollar bill show and tell...

[dollar bill with stamp]

I found this bill recently in a strap of bills from the bank. I think it's the first bill I've seen with a three-line stamp about a website that isn't Where's George. Actually, because the stamp is on the back of the bill, I didn't notice it until it was time to stamp the bill. So yes, it's been entered into WG.

What of the website itself? No, is not a porn site. Yes, I know that's hard to tell from the catchphrase "Let Them Feel You!!!". :) The website does indeed offer free e-mail and free classifieds, just as the stamp says. There are lots of other buttons and links there too for affiliate programs in which the site participates, mainly priceline, ebay, commission-junction and Nothing wrong with that. Everyone has to make money somehow.

The website explains, "In order to fully understand what FeelMe7x means, one must study the word ATAVISM..." and so on. Check it out yourself if you're curious, but I'm not sure I get the thrust of the site myself.

Anyway, that shows there are websites other than WG being stamped on dollars. There's no telling what else is floating around out there but I'll be looking out for those.

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