Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Circuitous City

Heard about Green Tea Pocky from punktiger so I went to the Chinese supermarket this evening to see if they had any. Yes, they did!

On the way back, I stopped by Circuit City in Paramus to see if they had any camera cases for the Nikon Coolpix 2000. Well, not exactly but they did have some one-size-fits-most cases.

Circuit City, or this one at least, has a weird setup for checkouts. Their registers are distributed throughout the store. That's different but I don't think that's necessarily a good thing. For one thing, if there's a line, the line will wind awkwardly around the aisles. And most of the registers had lines because the sales clerks had to hardsell the Circuit City service and product replacement plan to every customer. Boy, they must have been taking up to five minutes per customer. Maybe I should've asked them if they had a service plan for camera cases.

So I was wandering around the store looking for a register without a line. And it was then that I realized why they were set up that way. By spreading the registers all over the store, they were making everyone shop more. Smart.

Well then I found an open register with no line. The serious-looking cashier asked me, "Do you want this?" Why no, I take merchandise to the register just for fun! Whee!
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