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Cache 'til I Drop Weekend

Probably won't ever go quite this far again but it was fun seeing how many I could squeeze in. 27 geocaches in 2 days, in 3 states and 9 counties.


Went south through Burlington, Camden and Gloucester Counties. Then went back north through Philadelphia (passing within half a mile of the Anthrocon hotel) and then to Bucks Co. Continued northwards to Northampton Co. Then back to NJ, picking up another two in Somerset Co on the way home. (whew) Met geocacher Sickticket at one of the caches in Doylestown PA.

Amandas Cache (New Jersey)
Medford WMA in Medford. Easy pickup and good way to start the morning.

Pack-A-Picnic (New Jersey)
Medford Park in Medford. Typical township park. Very open field area except where the cache was.

A Knight's Treasure (New Jersey)
Knight's Park in Collingswood. Another typical township park. Open grassy field area except where the cache was. Am I repeating myself?

OPF2 - Joe's Woods (New Jersey)
Joe's Woods in Woodbury. Looks like a small wooded area right in the middle of a residential area. Maybe it's bigger than it looks but it seemed to be about one or two blocks at most.

Bull Run (New Jersey)
Another wooded area in the same residential area. Access was between two houses so I didn't know where the property lines were or if I was trespassing. But someone was there and didn't stop me or call the police so I figured I wasn't intruding. Somewhat harder than the previous one because this is a rather rough area with no proper trails.

A Side of Fries (New Jersey)
Glassboro WMA in Clayton. This stretch of the trip is where traffic started getting heavy. It seemed like thousands of people were headed towards either Atlantic City or the Jersey Shore. The dirt road going into this WMA was probably the best dirt road I've driven on. Solid and smooth the whole way. Surprisingly, there was quite a bit of traffic on the dirt road. What would people be driving through there for? There could be a fishing area or something.

web ratS ire (Pennsylvania)
Sweetbriar Park in King of Prussia. Very heavy traffic because of the superbig King of Prussia Mall nearby but still relatively quiet in the neighborhood where the park was. Easy paved path.

Control of the Planet Earth...the Battle rages on (Pennsylvania)
Whistle Stop Park in Chalfont. What? No fried green tomatoes in the Whistle Stop Park? :) Ballgame going on so I had to go around the edge of the field.

The Power Rangers join the battle (Pennsylvania)
West Branch Park in Chalfont. Lots of kite-flying going on here. Also lots of kites tangled up on the puny trees in the field.

Buzz Lightbeer of Star Command to the rescue (Pennsylvania)
County park area in Doylestown. This is hands down the weirdest place of the day. I saw teepees, shrines (and possibly burial grounds), weird rock cairns, seashells arranged into patterns on the ground, and some kind of ceremony involving shirtless youths and drums. I didn't think it would be wise to approach them and ask what was going on so I snuck around, found the cache, and snuck back out before anyone noticed I was there.

The Special Forces have arrived... (Pennsylvania)
Font Hill County Park in Doylestown. This is the location of the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works. I took a photo but there's some construction going on. GPS reception was poor in the wooded area where the cache was but it turned out not to be difficult to find. While I was attending to the cache, Sickticket came by. Quite a coincidence that we were both going for the cache at around the same time.

RD002 Rich Land (Pennsylvania)
Township park in Richland. (Streets & Trips says it's in Quakertown.) Easy trail to get to the cache although the area is somewhat swampy with vernal ponds.

A Piece of Hellertown History (Pennsylvania)
Virtual cache in Hellertown. Interesting piece of history that has been restored.

Nor-Bath Rail Trail Letterbox (Pennsylvania)
Bicentennial Park in East Allen Twp. (Streets & Trips says it's in Bethlehem.) The route to the cache is via a rail trail so it was an easy walk, except for the last part involving wrestling with the bushes.

Did the last two in the evening at and a bit after dusk.

It happened here? At PC Richards? (New Jersey)
Virtual cache in Bridgewater off US-206. Mostly residential area.

Thats some place! (New Jersey)
Virtual cache in Raritan. Shopping area.


Started this day's trip in Staten Island, picking up a few caches there. Then to Somerset and Hunterdon Counties. And then Northampton Co and finished up in Bucks at Ringing Rocks. On the way home, I stopped at the T/A Travel Center in Bloomsbury and met xydexx and rigelkitty. Quite a coincidence! They too were going home but traveling in the opposite direction.

Willowbrook Old White (New York)
Willowbrook Park in Staten Island. Not far from the Staten Island Greenbelt Trail but the area was somewhat swampy.

Wolfes Overlook (New York)
Wolfe's Pond Park in Staten Island. Not difficult or time-consuming except for having to climb around on the side of a steep slope.

Conference House Cache (New York)
Conference House Park in Staten Island. Not far from the Southernmost point in NY State. This is also the location of the Conference House, a historic landmark. It's famous for the Peace Conference that was held there on September 11, 1776.

Ey Ukhnem (New Jersey)
Delaware and Raritan Canal in Zarephath. (Streets & Trips says it's in Somerset.) Easy walk on canal towpath.

Romeo Y Julieta (New Jersey)
Sourland Mountain Preserve in Hillsborough. (Streets & Trips says it's in Belle Mead.) Completely missed the trail because I went around on the grassy area and up the pipeline cut, so the last bit was a rough bushwhack. Interesting hiding technique.

DoggyDogWorld (New Jersey)
Hampton Borough Park in Hampton. Typical township park. Easy walk through the open field (probably a dog walk area) to the cache location.

Jacobsburg Bug House (Pennsylvania)
Jacobsburg State Park in Nazareth. Parking coordinates were provided but I found closer parking and took a short walk along the road to the trailhead. It's a travel bug hotel so I took the opportunity to swap all three travel bugs that I had.

Mickey's Tribute to his Mrs. (Pennsylvania)
Virtual cache in Pen Argyl.

Lake Warren (Pennsylvania)
State Game Lands No. 56 in Nockamixon. (Streets & Trips says it's in Upper Black Eddy.) Easy walk in on emergency dirt road.

Natural Pavement (Pennsylvania)
Ringing Rocks Park in Bridgeton. (Streets & Trips says it's in Upper Black Eddy.) This cache is located near the waterfall area. It's a surreal place because of the pathway of flat rocks and flat rock formations. That may just be the result of a glacier slicing off solid rock.

For Musical geocachers (Pennsylvania)
Ringing Rocks Park in Bridgeton. This cache is located in the boulder field where the ringing rocks are located. Some of the rocks in this area ring like a bell when struck. The cache itself is rather sadistic because it is a micro cache in a boulder field! Nevertheless, I did find it.

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