Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Weekday Geocaching

Ashley strains at the leash.
Bruce: She's okay. She just wants to love you.

Got two today: one in nearby Fair Lawn at lunch, and another a mere 40 miles away in Summit in the evening. Good weather today so who could resist a dash out to bag some new geocaches?

Our Trash is Your Treasure! (New Jersey)
Near the Warren Point School in Fair Lawn. Very easy pickup near the road. Would've been a stop-and-grab if parking were allowed on that road itself. Hope this stays around a bit but I'd worry because where it is in too conspicuous a location now.

Passaic (New Jersey)
Passaic River Park in Summit. Rush hour traffic on the Parkway wasn't as bad as I thought until... someone tried to get into the offramp from the wrong lane and nearly rammed my car. Oh well. I couldn't park at the spot where the two previous visitors to this cache parked because the gate to the dump was closed. However, parking outside the gate was almost as good. Another short walk and an easy find. Met Bruce and his little dog, Ashley, as I left the wooded area. He expressed interest in getting a GPS for use in his offroading adventures.
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