Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Another oil change.
Mileage: 147,576 miles
Age: 8 years, 6 months
According to Kelley Blue Book, the resale value of my car is $1,100. Haha... no point selling it now. Might as well see how much longer it can last.

Also, I figured out why I wasn't getting good pictures out of the Nikon Coolpix sometimes. I really should have read the manual for this one. This camera does quite a bit more than the Sony Mavica. For one thing, if I'm taking a picture under poor lighting and not using the flash, it slows the shutter speed. So I'm supposed to hold the camera steady for a bit. The Sony Mavica, on the other hand, takes the picture right away. The slow shutter speed is actually one feature I don't need so I'm going to have to find out how to turn it off. It doesn't matter if the picture's a bit dark as I could always adjust the brightness later in Photoshop Elements.
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