Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The 2.4-mile (or 3.9-km) walk

Yes, I did that as planned. Started at the Alpine Boat Basin and took a walk up the Shore Trail along the scenic Hudson River to the geocache. Yeah, you knew there had to be one. :)

Baywatch on the Hudson (New Jersey)
Palisades State Park in Alpine. The trail is basically level. It just goes up gently, then is level for a while, and then goes down gently and continues right next to the Hudson. It did get rocky in some places so it wasn't smooth-sailing but I did manage a brisk 3.2 mph walk most of the way. Because of poor GPS reception, I took some readings out on the beach away from the cliff and trees but I think a simple radial search would have located the cache too as it wasn't hidden in a tricky manner.

Okay, well... I think that walk helped burn off the Quiznos Tuscan Chicken sandwich. But I had dinner after that and put the calories all back in. Heheh.
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