Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Dash to 1,800 on the Island

Only needed 7 geocaches today to get to 1,800 but got 11. For the longest time, I only went to Long Island on Sundays because I thought traffic would be very bad on Saturday. Well... it's Saturday and I went to Long Island. No accidents and relatively light traffic all the way. Amazing.

Southern State Parkway in Valley Stream. The cache is located at the tourist information center. Good hide although if the area were busier, I'd probably have been seen with the cache.

My First Cache (New York)
Residential area in Valley Stream, behind the Green Acres Mall.

kiddies cache (New York)
Baldwin Park in Baldwin.

JMB-6 Old Nichols Greenbelt (New York)
LI Greenbelt Trail in Hauppauge. Actually, I didn't use the trail at all because I parked on the side of the road and bushwhacked in. Very short distance going in that way.

VT-1 Yaphank Pine Barrens (New York)
County park area in Yaphank. Unfortunately, I found this cache in a state of disarray. It was out in the open and the contents were strewn on the ground.

M&M-1 Ridge Conservation Area (New York)
Ridge Conservation Area in Ridge. Nice area with a pond. Poorly marked trail so I bushwhacked to the cache.

M&M-3 Panamoka (New York)
Brookhaven State Park in Ridge. This park is pretty undeveloped so there are only a bunch of dirt roads. Those roads still appear on some maps but have been closed off.

RPA-38 Peconic River Headwaters (New York)
DEC Canoe Launch in Calverton.

Orient - H6 (New York)
Orient Point County Park in Orient. Quick and easy pickup.

Orient Point Beach - H7 (New York)
Orient Beach State Park in Orient. Waited a short while for 4pm so that I didn't have to pay the $8 entrance fee. Okay, so that was being a bit cheap but why pay what I don't have to? In the meantime, I took some pictures of The Orient Point Ferry. The cache took some time to find because it was a micro and coordinates were off by about 70 feet. Oh well.

M&M-2 Shoreham Beach (New York)
Shoreham Beach in Shoreham. For Brookhaven residents only but no one checks after 4pm so I just went right in. I find it irritating when parks are restricted to town residents but it's their right to do so if the park was built using only town revenues. If Federal money is involved (e.g. Green Acres funds), there better not be any restrictions.

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