Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Late Late Ramblings

Finished writing the member comments for the next NAF. Just a text file right now so I'll still have to format it and add the title. I'll do that next evening because it's late. I don't know if the mid-August deadline still holds as there haven't been any announcements about that recently.

Apparently, there's now a book on Perl 6. It's more of a preview as Perl 6 is still in development. I find it interesting though that the next Perl will compile the script to an intermediate bytecode, and that other scripting languages like Python can also be compiled to the same bytecode. That would be very useful because some people prefer to code in Python and I would then be able to call their code from my Perl scripts. And of course, one could hardly fail to notice a continuing trend here. Microsoft's .NET has a bytecode for the CLR. Java has a machine-independent JVM bytecode. And all that started with UCSD's p-System. Hardly a new idea but one that's turning out to be increasingly useful with the variety of programming languages and platforms available these days and the need to unite them.

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