Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

SJ/PA/LI weekend

Added 26 more geocaches. 15 on Saturday in South Jersey and Pennsylvania. 11 on Sunday in Long Island.


Dark cloudy skies all day. Managed to dodge the rain for the first 11 caches but it hit and very heavily when I got to Philadelphia. While at a cache site in Philly, I heard sirens. As I was driving out, I saw why. A tree had broken off in the storm. Firemen had blocked half the road and were diverting traffic around that spot. If you're in Philly and see a broken tree on Belmont Ave, that is it.

The Falls (New Jersey)
New Brunswick. Not sure what place this is but it is near a manmade waterfall and a water utility.

Butterfly Park (New Jersey)
Butterfly Park / Great Oak Park in East Brunswick.

Strawbridge Cache (New Jersey)
Strawbridge Lake in Moorestown.

cool & shady (New Jersey)
Camden County Park in Haddonfield. Nice location but this cache was plundered by someone else who was stashing firecrackers in the vicinity. I didn't see the firecrackers though.

by a babbling brook (New Jersey)
Another Camden County Park in Haddon Heights. There supposedly was a concert going on there later in the day. Two police officers were stationed there but I managed to get to the cache behind the concert area.

Stewart Lake Park in Woodbury.

" Open Sayza- Me ! " (New Jersey)
Bethel Mill Park in Sewell. This is one of those Rube Goldberg mechanism caches. Except that it didn't seem to work. But the cache was still very findable.

ASPCA - BM2 (New Jersey)
Unknown area in Vineland. Supposedly it is behind a school but I didn't see the school, unless the warehouse is a school.

Gotta Go To Giampietro (New Jersey)
Giampietro Park in Vineland. Quick and easy.

Wedding Bells Are Ringing (New Jersey)
Giampietro Park in Vineland.

Vineland Pit Stop (New Jersey)
Supposedly this was an auto racetrack. The area has turned to woods but the concrete track is still there and very drivable.

Diamond in the Rough (Pennsylvania)
Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. This is when it started raining and very heavily too. Fortunately, the cache wasn't very far from the road. Took this picture of one of the statues on top of the arch against the cloudy sky.

The Plateau (Pennsylvania)
Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. Still raining heavily but I was able to park along the road near the cache. Heard the sirens while I was attending to this cache and on the way out, I saw that a tree had broken off in the storm and firemen had blocked half the road and were diverting traffic around.

The Grange (Pennsylvania)
The Grange Estate in Haverford Township. Very strange area in which to geocache. It was open to the public but apparently there were private residences inside so I wasn't sure where I could and could not go. Finally found the correct trail to the cache after nearly going out the other side of the estate.

Junk Drawer Cache (Pennsylvania)
Conestoga Trail Ecology Park in Malvern. Very nice smooth trail all the way.


Didn't rain at all even though it was overcast all day. Went to the McDonald's in West Hempstead and found that the bathroom was disgusting. Next time, I'll hold it until I get to Suffolk County. Bleah. Imagine a family pointing at the ground and screaming. That's what I saw at Lake Grove Park. I gather not everyone has seen a snake before. There was a DJ in a park in Patchogue because of some kind of party going on somewhere in the park. I'm not sure that kind of music is what you want to hear while wrestling with bramble. And lastly, there was a police stop in Manorville and they were writing a lot of tickets. I have no idea what that was about.

What's HapPINing? (New York)
Halls Pond in West Hempstead. Well hidden but some spots looked particularly dug up. Don't go to the nearby McDonald's for the bathroom. Bleah.

Cammanns Pond in Merrick. A fairly standard cache in a busy suburban park with nosy people around.

Twin Lakes (New York)
Twin Lakes in Wantagh. Nice lake area. Had to go around because the cache was on a body of land between bodies of water. And there was way too much poison ivy.

Big Black Oak (New York)
Virtual cache in Lloyd Harbor. Interesting living treasure.

Visit The Old Soldiers Who Never Die (New York)
Meadowlark Park in Northport.

SweetBriar Cache (New York)
Sweetbriar Nature Center in Smithtown. Neat place with an aviary, a vivarium and a butterfly house in front and woods in the back. Took a picture of the eagles.

Mayhem Crew Cache (New York)
Lake Grove Nature Park in Lake Grove. Paved path all the way. The odd thing I saw was a family pointing at the ground and screaming. The father was taking pictures. My guess is they saw a snake.

JMB-8 Play Ball! (New York)
Rider Ave Park in Patchogue. There was a DJ and music in the park because apparently a party was going on somewhere.

jay jay's treasures (New York)
Boat launch area in Patchogue.

JMB-4 Down by the River (New York)
Terrell River County Park in Center Moriches. This was supposedly a long walk but a bit of driving around paid off because there was a side entrance that saved about 3/4 mile of walking.

WRR-3 El's Trail (New York)
Pine Barrens Trails Information Center in Manorville. Another smooth and easy trail. On my way out, I saw that the police were ticketing a lot of people on the ramp to the LIE. I drove right through so I have no idea what that was all about.

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