Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

BrianSnat Geocache Day and Fotolog Groups

Indulged in some weekday geocaching to snag the two newest caches in my area. Both were hidden by Brian.

Rocky Horror
Ramapo Mountain State Forest in Oakland, NJ. Given the name, I was surprised that it wasn't a Rocky Horror Picture Show themed cache but no matter. You could still do the time warp (carefully because that's a rocky area) when you're there. :) This is near a residential entrance to the Hoeferlin Trail. (Picture: waterfall nearby)

Manic Millstone Mania
Also in the Ramapo Mountain State Forest but in a completely different area. This is a longer walk (2-mile round trip) on the new orange-blazed trail. (Picture: Rock Slide Gulch)

I'm probably the last to find out but Fotolog now has Group Fotologs. We had Fotolog communities (similar to LJ communities) even before that was introduced but it used to be implemented by giving out the password to anyone who wanted to participate. Unfortunately, that opened the door to abuse and vandalism. The difference now is the Fotolog group owner retains the password and there is a group upload function. And it should be easier to find the Fotolog group you want now as the system can list them all by name. I uploaded some of my photos to flowerpower, food, nature, signmaker, urbananimal, vert, water and 191.

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