Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Aftermath (and Beforephysics)

The enigmatic somebodies is Friend Of #100. And for some reason, I'm on that user's "immortals" friends group? Anyway, welcome and hope you enjoy reading.

The nearest gas station has raised the price of regular grade by 8 cents per gallon! I believe this is a seasonal price adjustment. The post-blackout season.

Someone called WABC radio about a gas station on Route 17 that charged $2.90 per gallon because they had a power generator and were thus the only gas station open last night. Of course, in a free market, gas stations can charge whatever they choose to in a crisis situation. And if they choose to do so, motorists can remember that and avoid patronizing the price gougers later on. That too is allowed in a free market.

Apart from that, life around here has pretty much returned to normal. Some parts of NYC were still without electricity today though.
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