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Instead of going south through South Jersey and then coming back through Pennsylvania, I figured I would go through Bucks County first. It worked pretty well because I got some caches near the eastern edge of Bucks Co that I would normally not get because of time constraints. The only problem was I made a wrong turn in Philadelphia and took a longer than necessary route to Camden Co.

Had a cheesesteak (whiz wit, the cashier said) at Geno's because one of the caches was nearby. I noticed that there's a Mexican restaurant next to Geno's. That might be worth a try too.

Met geocacher ANFOU at Cinquecentennial.

Foreign Coin Cache (New Jersey)
The Green in Morristown. This is usually a very busy area so the difficulty is in retrieving the cache without anyone noticing.

Rocky (New Jersey)
Delaware Raritan Greenway in Hopewell. Simple walk and find on relatively flat trails.

Grandmom's Parlor! (Pennsylvania)
Honey Hollow Environmental Education Center in Solebury. Another easy find. I expected the cache to be closer to the pond but it was off in the woods somewhere.

Queen Anne's Lace (Pennsylvania)
Queen Anne Park in Levittown. Simple park and grab. Devious hide that was instantly findable.

Silver Lining (Pennsylvania)
Silver Lake County Park in Bristol. Another easy one. Still wasn't a long walk even though I apparently parked in the wrong area.

Delhaas Wood Delight U (Pennsylvania)
Silver Lake County Park in Bristol. This looks like an extension of the park into the woods across the street.

Curtis (Pennsylvania)
Curtis Arboretum in Cheltenham Township. This park has a weird road system because there's a one way street with seemingly no way to go that way. There probably is a side entrance somewhere.

For The Birds (Pennsylvania)
George A Perley Bird Sanctuary in Cheltenham Township. Small park but that makes for a short walk. Didn't see too many birds. Perhaps they were hiding.

Rob Kean Cache (Pennsylvania)
Philadelphia. (Center City) This is one of those caches where saying anything would spoil the surprise. The hours are a big tipoff though.

Cinquecentennial (Pennsylvania)
Philadelphia. (Penn's Landing area) Met geocacher ANFOU there who had already retrieved the cache.

Local Flavor (Pennsylvania)
South Philadelphia. This is the food cache as the geocache was near Geno's and Pat's, the two famous cheesesteak places. Odd thing is I found the cache lying on the ground. Apparently, that's not the way it's supposed to be but no one had stolen it yet.

between a rock and a hard place (New Jersey)
One of the many riverside Camden County Park areas. This one is in Collingswood. Found the cache rather quickly although the placement seems to be puzzling to anyone who hasn't seen something like this before.

Builders Needed (New Jersey)
Another Camden County Park area. This one is also in Collingswood. Old stone structure nearby.

Four tree cache (New Jersey)
Wallworth Park in Haddonfield.


Long Island trip today. This time I started in Brooklyn to pick up some caches off the BQE and Belt Parkway. The BQE is in pretty bad shape. Rather bumpy. In some places, the surface of the road had peeled off to reveal the bridge grating underneath. Then again, I don't ever recall the condition of the NYC highways being that good. I always hit the bumps just past the GW Bridge.

Met geocacher Squealy at the Itty Bitty Kitty Cache.

Saw a film crew at the PC Richard on Route 347 in Lake Grove. For all I know, it could have been just a commercial but if you see that location in a movie or TV show, then that's it.

Grand Army Plaza (New York)
Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Near the Tennis Building, whatever that is. Someone's dog just plopped down on the grass so I took a picture.

Edge of the Owl's Head (New York)
Owl's Head Park in Brooklyn. This park has a dog run and also a sign saying not to dump your dogs in the run. Also found this piece of faded pavement art.

Bergen BeachCombing (New York)
Joseph Thomas McGuire Park in Brooklyn. From outside, this whole area looks really overgrown and difficult to access. Once I went in though, I found that there were some horse trails.

Picnic Bye The Bay Cache (New York)
Baywater Point State Park in Queens. Rather nice park. Proximity to White Castle is a plus.

Yancx's 2nd Cache (New York)
A river area in Valley Stream. This place is flanked by houses.

Itty Bitty Kitty Cache (New York)
Garden City. Met Squealy here.

Levittown Babby-Micro (New York)
Town park in Levittown. Next to a bowling alley and bar.

JDA-01: Charles T Church Nature Sanctuary (New York)
This is in Mill Neck.

Cattail Cove (New York)
In Mt Sinai. I didn't see a proper parking area so I parked at a sandy pullout. It was only a short distance from the cache.

JMB-9 Speonk Swamp (New York)
County land in Eastport. It's No Hints cache, although there didn't seem to be any real difficulty in finding it.

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