Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Late summer vacation planning, etc, etc, etc

Time to start planning for a mid-September trip to Virginia Beach. I noticed that the Geocaching Hampton Roads Picnic in Williamsburg is on September 14 so I could make it to that event. In fact, I know about the location because I went to the Waller Mill Park last year for a geocache.

Speaking of geocaching events, I'll be going to Cache at the Beach at Walnut Beach in Connecticut on Saturday.

The car has hit 150,000 miles. I wasn't paying attention to the odometer so I don't know exactly where that happened but I think it was during yesterday evening's drive to Paramus, perhaps near the Paramus Park Mall.

Got a Quizno's hit today. I think I know who entered it too. The next customer after me was very interested in the Where's George bill.

Added some of my photos to GeoSnapper. It's a photo archive where each photo is tagged with the coordinates where you took it so you get a map of where all your photo subjects are. For an interesting idea like that, it seems to be a pretty quiet website. Perhaps word hasn't spread around enough yet. Here is the link to my album.
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