Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

somebodies revealed

Some folks have been doing a bit of digging and somebodies has stepped out from behind the curtain. It's all here. While it's great to find out what's going on, personally I thought it was rather intriguing as a mystery. But I don't think it would have been a secret forever anyway. In any large group of people, someone's bound to know something.

In any case, anyone who can keep up with 500+ journals is amazing. Even with a fraction of that number in my friends list, I tend to fall way behind when I travel.

Speaking of traveling, I checked the Motel 6 rates for some Hampton Roads cities and got the following:
    Williamsburg - $30 per night
    Newport News - $40 per night
    Chesapeake   - $46 per night
    Norfolk      - $56 per night
The Chesapeake location is a good compromise. It's near the Greenbrier Mall and I-64 so it's actually pretty good. The Norfolk location is closer to the center of it all but the difference is only about 5 miles. Considering that I'm driving 450 miles to get there, 5 miles is nothing. Anyway, I'll think about this for a few days before making a reservation.
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