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Labor Day Weekend caching frenzy

Unfortunately, I think the well is running dry, so to speak. I use a 70-mile radius as a guide and within that range, I wasn't able to line up eight geocaches in any direction. So starting this week, progress will be more difficult. Maybe it's time to move to a different state. Just kidding. :)


At the start of the day, I had 892 finds. The challenge then was to get to 900 and I did it after a whole lot of driving, ending up in the middle of Bucks County, PA!

I guess someone noticed. ;)

Met the team of Skully & Mulder at the Copper Mine 2 cache enroute to Copper Mine 3. They were investigating paranormal phenomena in the vicinity of the geocaches in the Watchung Reservation... heheh. Actually, they are fans of the X-Files. Hence the handle. Always cool to meet other geocachers. It used to be that I'd hardly ever meet anyone else at a cache but I think it has happened several times already within the past month. The obsession must be spreading. :)


Cold, cloudy day today threatening to rain. So what do I do? Tackle some challenging caches in Harriman State Park, of course! Not kidding though. These uphill hikes can be killers on a hot summer day but when the weather is cool, they aren't so bad. It actually did start to rain after I had found the fourth cache and was on my way back down the 1-1.5 mile trail (didn't use a pedometer so it's an estimate) to the car. Fortunately, I had a garbage bag... I mean an emergency rain poncho. Good grief... it's like wearing a plastic bag but it did work.

Went to Orange County further north for lunch and more caching in the rain.

Labor Day

No work today. Let's go caching!

No real plans so just drove around New Jersey bagging all the new caches. But boy, that was a lot of driving as those were scattered around in Hunterdon, Somerset, Middlesex and Monmouth Counties. A bit of a traffic delay on the turnpike starting at the Molly Pitcher Rest Area. Turned out to be a two-car collision. It seems like there have been accidents in this stretch of the turnpike every week this summer but other than the big merge of the inner and outer roadways, there doesn't seem to be anything inherently dangerous. Strange. Other than that, everything was ducky. (Umm... it was raining. That's a joke... never mind.)

I may need to watch some Kevin Smith movies to see what this cache is about. I do know there is a convenience store in "Clerks" but what's the deal with the cache's title and the other stores in that strip mall? Maybe Timely will share an insight.

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