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Where to begin?

Tried wheat nuts last night. Not too bad. Tastes a bit flatter than nuts and not as satisfying but they don't distract from comic stripping nearly as much as fried peas, so I did finish some inking last night. Still need Art Bell though. Looks like he's coming back tonight and that's good. It seems like George Noory has been filling in forever now.

Discovered that my cell phone wasn't working so I went home early to check it out. Funny how this is more important than work. :) Tried calling my home phone and all I heard was static on the home phone and nothing on the cell phone. Data calls, i.e. wireless web, worked though. Also checked that the ringer on my cell phone worked. It seemed to be a problem with voice on the Sprint PCS network and that went away when I checked a few hours later. So there's no need to panic. Sprint is not bankrupt yet. :)

Went to CompUSA again this evening to pick up some Free-After-Rebate items. I think the best item this week is a cool PDA stylus/pen combo that lights up with an LED. (choice of blue or red light) The major problem with most PDA accessories is I don't need them. The Handspring already comes with a stylus. After the first leather case, any more would be superfluous. The folding keyboard may be handy but how much serious data entry am I going to do away from the computer anyway? And you can't use the folding keyboard and the cell phone cable at the same time. However, if any of those are free, why not? Just remember to send in your rebate forms promptly.

While at CompUSA, I met Team Gwho, i.e. William and his wife. Just a random encounter but it's the first time I've met a geocacher outside of a geocaching event or a geocache site.

Also got a haircut this evening at Supercuts. I tend to leave my hair alone for months... maybe even half a year... and then get it cut short enough to last another few months. I'm not usually concerned about my hair until small birds start nesting in it. :) The downside is it takes half a decade to fill out one of those free haircut cards!

Got my 12,000th hit at Where's George this evening. I thought it wouldn't happen today but three more hits came in during the 11 o'clock hour. I also got a hit in Idaho just the other day so I'm now one state (South Dakota) away from 50-state bingo! Yes, it's very close now. I can feel it.

Why isn't there breakfast chicken? It's not that there is no such thing as meat for breakfast, as we have bacon, ham and sausages. How about chicken and eggs? (Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Chicken and eggs, of course!) I think I'll get a big box of Popeyes spicy chicken and see if I can have some of the leftovers for breakfast the next morning.

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