Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Canicular Days of Summer

The heat's driving me crazy. I wanted to make a copy of something, and I put the blank paper on the glass and the document into the paper feed. Egads! The highest temperature today was only about 91°F though, but it felt a lot hotter.

Sticker shock at the gas pump. The nearby gas station raised prices today by 22 cents per gallon, becoming the most expensive place to buy gas in New Jersey. Nearly all gas stations in the area hiked prices by 10 cents or more. It's probably due to a combination of increased travel leading up to the Labor Day weekend and refinery problems. But it looks to me like gas stations are raising prices in anticipation of and not because of those problems.

But still, I'll be using some of that expensive gas tomorrow to go to Cache at the Beach in Connecticut.
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