Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Cache at the Beach

Went to the Cache at the Beach (Connecticut) picnic today at Walnut Beach in Milford, CT. Quite a turnout. As always, good folks, good food and good times. I also went around Silver Sands State Park together with Sinbad, another geocacher, finding all the caches placed for the event.

Woodland Park (Connecticut)
Woodland Park in Darien. Doesn't look like a big park from the road but I guess it goes back quite a bit. GPS reception was probably very bad on this one or the coordinates were off but I took a look at the whole thing and found it.

Beetle at Boothe (Connecticut)
Boothe Memorial Park and Museum in Stratford. This is supposedly the Oldest Homestead in America, built on the foundations of a 1663 house. Short walk and easy find. However, I came in from a much closer parking spot than the one recommended so I missed all the sights. I've been here before so that's okay.

RJ's Rock (Connecticut)
Silver Sands State Park in Milford. One of the caches placed for the event.

CATB #1 (Connecticut)
Another cache for the event.

Chicken Lady (Connecticut)
Another cache for the event. This one has an interesting story about a lady who had a land dispute with the state.

CATB #2 (Connecticut)
Another cache for the event.

Sliver in the Sands (Connecticut)
Another cache for the event. Devious hiding technique but I've seen this tactic twice before in NJ so I knew where it was right away.

SkyTrek ESPC #5 (Connecticut)
Another cache for the event. Took some searching but experience with this one made the other two SkyTrek caches a lot easier.

SkyTrek ESPC #4 (Connecticut)
Another cache for the event.

SkyTrek ESPC #6 (Connecticut)
Another cache for the event. Didn't find this one at first but went back for it after seeing the other two similar caches and having a talk with SkyTrek himself. Then it was simple to find.

Milford Point (Connecticut)
Milford Point Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center. This is a spot overlooking a salt marsh, a wildlife sanctuary, the LI Sound and the Housatonic River. Another deviously hidden cache but I saw it after looking systematically over a lot of the place.

Walk This Way (Connecticut)
Beaver Brook Trail in Milford. Very nice trail and boardwalk.

The highest gas price I saw in Connecticut was $1.91 in some service areas along the Merritt Parkway and I-95. Didn't have to buy gas there, thankfully.

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