Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Short Trip (not quite)

Seeing as how gas prices were way up, I decided to limit my Sunday traveling to a short trip around Orange County. Of course, that somehow became a drive up to Kingston and Rhinebeck! But it was good to get to some of the caches on the Rhinebeck side that I didn't have time for on my last trip to that part of Upstate NY.

Traffic was very heavy along the NY Thruway on the way back so what would have been a 90-minute drive took much longer. Seeing as how I wasn't making good time back to NJ, I stopped at the Modena Service Area. (between New Paltz and Newburgh) There was an Arby's there!

Land-O-Goshen (New York)
Land-O-Goshen Park in Goshen. Had to do this one first because that darn Exit 126 on Rt 17 was closed.

Chester Depot Cache (New York)
Heritage Trail in Chester. Chester Depot is a restored train station that I believe is now a museum. This part of the Heritage Trail is very busy. Sooner or later, someone's going to find out about the cache as it is very close to the path.

Warwick Town Park (New York)
Warwick Town Park in Warwick. Apparently, the game of frisbee golf is played here.

Easier Found than Hid (New York)
Delaware and Hudson Canal, Hornbeck's Basin Access. Short and painless bushwhack to the cache. I'd take the trail but it's going in an entirely different direction.

The Revised Rock Tavern Cache (New York)
Stewart State Forest in Rock Tavern. Old road turned to a bike trail. This cache seems to have more or less the same placement as its predecessor. New hand-made outer covering though.

Hannas Treasure (New York)
Neighborhood park in Kingston. At 50 feet from parking, this is possibly one of the top ten shortest walks I've had to a cache. This is a strange area where men hang around under trees with their trophy. Also, while I was in Kingston, I took a picture of the Morton Blvd street sign for my collection.

Poet's Walk (New York)
Poet's Walk Park in Red Hook. Long and a bit hilly walk to the cache location but the trails are pretty good. The first part of the walk is on fine gravel. Then grass. And then hard-packed dirt. There's a good view down to the Hudson from the Summer House.

Mount Rutsen (New York)
Ferncliff Forest in Rhinebeck. Rough trail going up the hill but not all that difficult.

Micro on the Mountain (New York)
Burger Hill Park in Rhinebeck. This looks like former farmland because of the open field. It's pretty much a simple walk uphill through the field to get to the cache location.

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