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Broomsticks, but no Bedknobs

Magazine editor finds georged bill. Writes about Where's George website. This is from the Where's George main forum a few days back and here is a direct link to the magazine article. One thing I find a bit disconcerting is, as the author mentioned, there were 7 markings on the bill. That's a bit much! I normally stamp my bills only twice, once in front and once on the back, and I don't use a highlighter. The author overall had a positive impression of WG but others may see a bill with 7 markings as annoying and may complain to the Secret Service. Going overboard marking bills may mean the end of WG. Apart from that, I think it is a positive article. I wouldn't go so far as to call it marketing because the point of WG isn't in selling a product or service. However, the promotional element is there. It just grows by word of mouth. (or word of bill, rather.)

As long as we're reading the Where's George forums, here's a thread on the Harry Potter Broom. Amazon is selling a Nimbus 2000 broomstick with sound effects and vibrations, and well... see for yourself. Note how the kid is holding the broom. Anyway, some funny customer reviews have been coming in about their teen and preteen daughters playing with the "magic broomstick" for hours, and a sister fighting her brother for the broom, and a customer removing the batteries from the broom because... "what were the creators of this toy thinking?" Too funny. Also, it appears that Amazon has removed some of those comments. Gee, wonder why. :)

Driving off from work today, I noticed someone taking a picture of the building facing the fountains and goose pond. Well, it wasn't supposed to be a goose pond but it is now. I guess I take the view for granted as I'm there every day but maybe the landscaping has some aesthetic value. Or perhaps she's the photographer for the Mack-Cali annual report.

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