Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Geocache Madness Continues...

1907 down. 93 to go.

The Haunted Boy Scout Camp (New York)
Like the Feral Feline cache, this one's also up on Wildcat Mountain in Southfields, NY. This one, however, is by Spruce Pond and I've been told that bushwhacking from there to here is difficult. Anyway, I went up to the ridge from Route 17. Probably about a mile round trip because the woods road goes off in the wrong direction for some distance before turning around. There's a view of Spruce Pond from the cache site. And along the way, there is an abandoned shelter.

Blink 102.7 has a song request line on AIM. blinkline is the screenname to contact for that. Based on past experience with requests though, they get around to playing it only a few hours later and I may not be listening by then. But I put in a request anyway.

Also, the Comments Posted count in the User Info appears to be working once again. Not that anyone noticed it was broken. :)
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