Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Two for tea and tea for two

1909 down. 91 to go. I've done it! Geocaches every day of the week for one week.

Not Niagara (New Jersey)
Goffle Brook Park in Hawthorne. Rather simple find, notable for the number of geocachers I met there. As I was heading to the cache, I met Kar of Team Shibby. Then while I was at the cache, I met Helmut and Autumn of Mulder & Skully. Then as I was leaving, BassoonPilot came by. Seems like everyone was going for this one at more or less the same time. (Photos: [1], [2])

(Another) First Find For Floopy (New Jersey)
This is also in Goffle Brook Park, but in a different section. It hadn't been posted yet but I got the info from BassoonPilot while I was at Not Niagara. Then I went to find it. A little more difficult to access because I approached from the wrong direction through some weedy terrain.

Also, today marks four years since I signed up at Where's George.

You have entered 67,850 Bills worth $121,421.
Bills with hits: 14,611
Total hits: 19,522
Hit rate: 21.53%
George Score: 1,321.48
Your rank (based on George Score) is #6
(out of 10,798 current users with a George Score. [99.9 Percentile])

You have 1 Bill with 9 hits.
You have 1 Bill with 8 hits.
You have 5 Bills with 7 hits.
You have 17 Bills with 6 hits.
You have 55 Bills with 5 hits.
You have 191 Bills with 4 hits.
You have 695 Bills with 3 hits.
You have 2,598 Bills with 2 hits.
You have 11,048 Bills with 1 hit.
You have hit 759 Bill(s)
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