Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Labor Day itself

Just stayed at home because the car wouldn't start. That reminds me of old times. :) It rained all day too or I'd have taken a walk out to a local restaurant. Anyway, I woke up late enough that I must surely have caught up on a few years of inadequate sleep. Then got reasonably up to date with online stuff. Did the laundry. Knocked a few items off this list. Cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Funny how all 3 of those were frozen dinners!) Slept some more. (Looks like I wasn't quite caught up on sleep.)

Can't go to work tomorrow if I have to get the car repaired. The plan for tomorrow is to call AAA (or AA or A) to jumpstart the car so that I can drive it to the garage. Might as well do the oil change while it's there. And after that... who knows?

Addendum: Laptop still works. And it connects to Access-4-Free pretty nicely with the modem card. Yay! Umm, I mean... why won't this ^#@^&* old laptop break so I can get a fast new one?
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