Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Flat Battery Blues

AAA seemed a bit backlogged with calls this morning. There actually was a five-minute wait to get a rep. An hour later, a towtruck operator came by to do the jump start. Then I drove the car to the repair facility. Turns out that only the battery, and not the alternator, was bad. It's still under warranty so maybe I can get a few dollars back from the manufacturer. Also had the oil change done while I was there to cross an item off the list. (Mileage: 151,545)

Went to the Chinese supermarket this evening. Apparently, the mooncake festival is once again upon us. Strangely enough, the five-flavored mooncake is cheaper than the four-flavored mooncake. Even more remarkable are the mooncakes with the ISO 9001 label. Standards-based pastry is a good thing. :)

Also went to Home Depot to shop for nuts. Those are needed to make geocache retrieval tools for this cache, and this and this. Actually, I think only one size of nut is needed but I got four different sizes since they are rather inexpensive.
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