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1949 down. 51 to go.

Saturday - South Jersey

Not the Philly side this time. I went down the Jersey Shore via the Garden State Parkway. Still a lot of traffic but for many, it was the last weekend before school. One thing I noticed was the large number of motorcyclists on the Parkway. When I got to Wildwood, I discovered why. There was a Harley convention. The big problem: No one among them had a muffler. So let's just say that you wouldn't want to be staying there this weekend.

Gateway to the Shore II (New Jersey)
Old Bridge Waterfront Park in Laurence Harbor. The cache is rated 3/4 but it was an easy walk on the beach and when I got there, the cache was totally exposed just sitting on the sand. Sometimes I have no idea what's going on.

Allaire Anxiety (New Jersey)
Allaire State Park in Farmingdale. Somewhat longer walk for this one but the path was a flat horse trail for most of the way. So it wasn't difficult. Once again, a cache that was totally exposed when I found it.

Metedeconk River Watch (New Jersey)
Windward Beach Park in Brick. An easy one, once I found the parking lot. (Picture: fishing pier)

get pumped (New Jersey)
Tuckerton. This looks like an old pump house. A bit shaky though. Hope it doesn't collapse. Parking is a problem at this location but the cache doesn't take more than a few minutes.

Exit 50 (New Jersey)
Tuckerton. Apparently a weird piece of open space just off a Parkway ramp.

Bikeway (New Jersey)
Atlantic County Bikeway in Mays Landing.

In Memory of Arthur Curry (New Jersey)
Rainbow Channel in Ocean City. A popular fishing spot just off a busy road on an island. Cache is rated 4 for difficulty but didn't take long to find. (Picture: view from there)

Take It To The Limit (New Jersey)
Cape May Court House. Not exactly sure what this area is but there's a trail going out into the marsh. (Picture: apparently, this is the limit)

Northern Quahog Mercenaria mercenaria (New Jersey)
On the beach in Wildwood. The center of town was full of loud motorcycles but this area was okay. Metered parking at the beach is expensive. 20 minutes for a quarter.

Rest Stop Garden State Pkwy (North) Colonia, NJ (New Jersey)
The name of the cache is the location. It's not a full rest area. Just some gas stations. There's a convenience store in the Exxon though. Convenient cache to find on the way home.

Sunday - Long Island

A trip out to Brookhaven and back that went fairly well even though I started late. Dinner was at the Patchogue Long John Silver's instead of the one at West Islip. For whatever reason, this restaurant tends to attract some funny people.
Customer (heading to the bathroom): Get me a Coke. Ice all over the place. Aaaooouwwwww!
Cashier: I'm a bit concerned about the 'Aaaooouwwwww'.

The-Z-Man of Floral Park (New York)
Roadside in Floral Park. An easy one. I'm surprised this hasn't been stolen considering that it is in plain sight.

where's your George nnoooowwww? (New York)
Island in the Sunrise/Merrick intersection in Rockville Center. Why couldn't this one have been placed in the park on the safe side of the road? Oh well. Had to wait for traffic before crossing the 3-lane road but rather obvious once I got there.

RPA-39 North Blemont SP (New York)
Belmont Lake State Park in West Babylon. Easy one. Nice broad and flat walking path with exercise stations.

Thorne In Our Side (New York)
Thorne Trail in Bay Shore. This is one strange Nature Conservancy area because access is through a gated community where you need to get a visitor's pass from the guard.

LW-01 Travelon Avalon (New York)
Avalon Forest in Stony Brook. A park built in memory of Paul Simons. (Note: Not Paul Simon) An enchanting place. Rolling hills but generally well-worn trails.

Orca 1 (New York)
Three Village Garden Club Preserve. Another place tucked a little out of the way because it's behind another preserve behind a post office. Can killer whales hide geocaches? Now we know.

DP01 - Whatta Sunset (New York)
Shorefront Park in Patchogue. (Pictures: the beach, the beach)

Gold Rush (New York)
Unused lot behind a small park in Patchogue.

VT-1.1 Yaphank Multicache (New York)
Suffolk County park area in Yaphank. 4-stage multicache. Somewhat longer walk but I found each stage pretty quickly so I got it all done in 75 minutes.

JMB-12 Southaven (New York)
Had a bit of time so I went to preview the site of the upcoming 2003 Long Island Cache Event. Went for this cache since I was there.

I've collected six travel bugs so far to take on my trip. I might make a few of my own too.

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