Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Late Late Late Night

The belt (it's serpentine :) ) that was on order has come in so I'll take the car over to get that installed this evening.

Odd how this happens. I hadn't wanted to draw anything for about four months. Then this evening, I had some time so I fell asleep for 90 minutes. (sheesh) Then I woke up, dug up the drawing pad and penciled two comic strips and something extra. Is this some kind of muse thing where you can do it sometimes but not at other times? Guess so.

Took a look at TightVNC recently because I wanted to have remote desktop access to an NT 4.0 installation that didn't have Terminal Server. (Okay, so I'm lazy.) So far, it's working very well. Actually, I'd known about VNC, its predecessor, but TightVNC appears to be snappier and more bandwidth efficient. Of course, if Windows Terminal Server (or Remote Desktop in XP and 2003) is available then I'd use it because that's specific to the Windows GDI. Otherwise, TightVNC is a pretty slick alternative.
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