Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Last Weekend of Summer

Saturday - North Jersey

I hadn't intended to go anywhere today as I had some catching up to do back at home. My mistake was in looking at the new geocache listings. So off I went...

The Little Box by the Pond (New Jersey)
Boonton. The status of this land is unclear. Although unmarked, nearby land is owned by a Sportsmen's Club. So this part of the land could be private too.

Sheep Hill Trails (New Jersey)
Boonton at the Sheep Hill Observatory. This is a nice one although I hate caches that end down the hill because you just know you'll have to go back up to get to parking.

Fort Nonsense (New Jersey)
Morristown. The first part is at Fort Nonsense, a Morristown National Historic Park. The second part... well, I'm not sure what this land is except that it is right next to a hospital. Very small micro cache in the middle of the woods. Talk about a needle in a haystack.

"No Cash Value" (New Jersey)
Gibbon's Pines in Madison. Neighborhood park featuring a row of tall pine trees around a field.

A Cache In Every Park (New Jersey)
Taylor Park in Millburn. The cache happens to be right next to a Mongolian BBQ so that's where I went for dinner, of course.

Sunday - Lehigh Valley Geocachers Picnic

Seems to be the season for picnics. I went to the Hampton Roads Picnic last weekend. This weekend's picnic is near Allentown, PA. Next weekend, there will be another picnic on Long Island. Maybe we can keep having these until the snow starts to fall. :) (Pictures from the picnic)

After the picnic, I went to Picasso Pizza in Bethlehem, but neither Pino nor Biagio were there today. Oh well.

Fast Dash Cache (Pennsylvania)
Churchview Park in Zionsville. This area is just a maze of twisty little roads, all alike, so I have no idea how I got there without making a single wrong turn.

Trout Fishing on Land (Pennsylvania)
Lil-Le-Hi trout hatchery in Allentown. Nice place, although the cache is actually on the opposite side of the road from the trout hatchery.

Gone Fishin (Pennsylvania)
Franko Farms in Salisbury. Went to find this one with Team Jim & Linda while waiting for everyone else to show up to the picnic. After a week of finding super-obvious Virginia caches, admittedly I'm a little rusty because this took longer than it should have taken. And Linda was the one who found it.

Help me find it (Pennsylvania)
Franko Farms in Salisbury. Continued onwards on my own to find this one. Easy.

The Franko Files (Pennsylvania)
Franko Farms in Salisbury. Went for this one about midway through the picnic. Decided to bushwhack to shorten the walk between stages and picked up a lot of burrs as a result. But it was fast that way.

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