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Hurricane Holiday (9/13/2003 - 9/19/2003)

This trip to Virginia Beach was taken from Saturday, Sept 13 to Friday, Sept 19. I do that every year at around my birthday. This year, it happened to coincide with the Hampton Roads Geocaching Picnic so that was a bonus. I'd have stayed there longer if it were not for Hurricane Isabel, which ironically made landfall on Thursday, the day of my birthday. But you can't win 'em all.

Saturday - The Journey There

Went down I-95, hitting some geocaches along the way. I've been told that it is faster to go to Virginia Beach via Delaware State Route 1 and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. That has not been my experience but maybe it's a lot faster now that more sections of DE Route 1 are open. That highway was still under construction last year.

Traffic was really heavy on the DC Beltway. (Duh.) But especially so on this day as there were 3 accidents within 2 miles.

I-95 Travel Port - Bug Hotel (Maryland)
Park and Ride in Belcamp. A quick stop to swap a travel bug.

Waterloo Cache (Maryland)
Waterloo Park in Elkridge. There was some kind of greyhound meet going on in this park. Everyone there had a greyhound. (dog, not bus)

Crash's Lunchtime Cache #1 (Maryland)
Beltsville Community Park in Beltsville. An easy one, even if I couldn't find the trail and just bushwhacked in.

Jones Point (Virginia)
Jones Point Park in Alexandria. Worst condition cache I've seen in a while. It was full of mud.

Peanuts (Virginia)
Claremont Park in Alexandria. Very roundabout trail so I bushwhacked to the cache. Took the trail back to the parking area though because I wasn't going to go across the creek a second time.

Welcome To Virginia! (Virginia)
A rest stop virtual in Fredericksburg. Fail to see the point of it but there it is.

The FR&GC cach (Virginia)
Mary Lee Carter Park in Fredericksburg. Very quick and easy. Would've been quicker if I parked on the correct side of the railroad overpass.

Sunday - Hampton Roads Picnic

This is the day of the Hampton Roads Geocaching Picnic at Waller Mill Park in WIlliamsburg. Of course, I picked up a number of caches before and after the picnic in the peninsula area.

S.S. Buckroe (Virginia)
Buckroe Beach in Hampton.

A Grand View Cache (Virginia)
Grand View Nature Preserve in Hampton. Now this is a great place with a nice beach. I just wish they'd pick up after their dogs a bit more.
(Pictures: the beach, the beach, the beach)

The Flying Dutchman's Sandy Treasure (Virginia)
Sandy Bottom Nature Park in Hampton. Another easy one near a boardwalk with a lake view.

The Dr. Millar Memorial Micro-Cache (Virginia)
Hilton Pier in Newport News. According to the cache owner, the pier was destroyed by Hurricane Isabel and the cache is presumably gone for good.

CNCB Cache (Virginia)
Waller Mill Park in Williamsburg on the Bayberry Nature Trail. Got this cache during the picnic.

New Quarter Quarter Ca$h Cache (Virginia)
New Quarter Park in Williamsburg.

Oak (Virginia)
Informational pullout on the Colonial National Historical Parkway in Williamsburg. (Picture: the tree)

Relocated Settler's Helper (Virginia)
Wooded area in Williamsburg. I'm assuming the cache lies on land owned by the William and Mary College, but I can't be sure as there is no signage. No trails here so it's a direct bushwhack to the cache.

Greensprings (Virginia)
Greensprings Trail in Williamsburg. It's behind a school and there's a nasty used condom by the trailhead. Ugh.

Christina's creek (Virginia)
Apartment complex in Newport News. I doubt it is truly a public area as it is on the land of an apartment complex but I think the cache owner lives here so geocachers can come as guests.

Monday - Hampton Roads South

Biggest day of the trip. Got 17 caches but most of them were easy.

Oscar's Landing (Virginia)
Chesapeake. Strange small platform pointing into the swamp. It's a birdwatch.

Not The River Jordan (Virginia)
Elizabeth River Boat Landing in Chesapeake. This is one of those caches where I have to wonder why it hasn't been plundered. It's a large cache in plain sight about 50 feet from parking.

The Old Schoolhouse (Virginia)
Virtual cache in Chesapeake.

Amazing Arboretum II (Virginia)
Chesapeake Arboretum. I was here for the original cache but it has been moved and relisted so I can find it again. Parked in a better spot this time. (I didn't know about the parking area the last time and parked on a residential street.)

The Jackson Grey's Monument (Virginia)
Jackson Grey's Memorial in Chesapeake. Original cache is gone and now relisted as a virtual cache. So I'm revisiting.

Middle of Nowhere (Virginia)
Cornland Park in Chesapeake. This is another placed in plain sight cache. No idea why this hasn't been stolen either except maybe no one comes here as it is in the middle of nowhere.

Unlock the box (Virginia)
Deep Creek Locks Park in Chesapeake.

It's up to you! (Virginia)
West Branch Park in Chesapeake. Nice long walking trail. Of course, it's possible to park near the cache.

Crash and Burn in Portsmouth (Virginia)
Churchland Park in Portsmouth.

Colonial Place Toy Store (Virginia)
In the middle of a traffic circle in Norfolk. This traffic circle, however, is almost like a park with some trees and walking paths. Odd.

Tree Mail (Virginia)
Norfolk waterfront. Yoinked the cache with someone sitting right there but on the other side. She didn't suspect a thing. When I was about to leave, fire trucks pulled over so I was wondering what I did. Turns out that they were responding to a fire alarm in the building across the street.

Northside Park Cache (Virginia)
Northside Park in Norfolk.

Tech Tidewater Arboretum (Virginia)
Virginia Tech Tidewater Arboretum in Norfolk. Another obvious cache not covered under anything.

Norfolk Airport Bug Portal (Virginia)
Near the Norfolk Botanical Garden in Norfolk. Met another geocacher there. He was coming in with his kid as I was leaving.

Elizabeth River Nature Trail (Virginia)
Elizabeth River Nature Trail (Carolanne Farms) in Virginia Beach. Pretty nice walking path.

Cache and Release (Virginia)
Princess Anne Park. This is the most unusual cache yet. I had to use a fishing rod and reel to retrieve it.

Mount Cachemore II (Virginia)
Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach. This is one of those landfills that has been converted into a park. So what you have is a very artificial-looking grassy hill. And oh, apparently that's the highest point in Virginia Beach. Whee! Unfortunately, the hill was closed for recapping.

Tuesday - Hampton Roads Peninsula

Mainly went around Newport News, picking up the caches there.

There was a virtual cache at the Mariner's Museum but I stayed a bit longer to see the exhibits. It's mostly naval history but there was a section on cartography and navigation, a section on the Titanic, and a collection of miniatures. It's worth the visit.

Possums' Den (Virginia)
Virginia Beach. Small piece of land between a strip mall and a swamp.

Monitor Merrimac Battle Overlook (Virginia)
Virtual in Anderson Park in Newport News.

Huntington Park Micro-cache (Virginia)
Huntington Park in Newport News.

Conservation Station (Virginia)
Mariner's Museum in Newport News. (Picture: Parts from the USS Monitor undergoing treatment)

James River Gizmos (Virginia)
Small park in Newport News. It looks like an empty lot between two houses but there are steps going down to what I guess could be a boat launch on the river.

Old Denbigh (Virginia)
Harwoods Mill Park in Yorktown. I'd been here before for a different cache across the street. This one took a bit more time because the cache had been relocated by the owner. He did leave a note at the old location though.

The Source (Virginia)
Historical Tour Drive in the Colonial National Historical Park in Yorktown. This is near Washington's HQ.

York River Fossil Beach Trail (Virginia)
York River State Park in Williamsburg. Good views of the river.

Ragged Island (Virginia)
Ragged Island Nature Park in Carrollton. (Isle of Wight) Beautiful trail through a sparse woods by a swamp edge.

Wednesday - Kiptopeke and Virginia Beach

Kiptopeke-A Boo Cache (Virginia)
First cache in Kiptopeke State Park in Cape Charles. It's just a drive on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel to get here. The CBBT is pretty long though. (Pictures: view from boardwalk towards the bay, inland view from boardwalk)

Kiptopeke-A-Boo Too (Virginia)
Second cache in Kiptopeke State Park. (Picture: boardwalk with steps going up the hill)

Pirate Ships (Virginia)
Third cache in Kiptopeke State Park. A virtual. (Picture: weird thing in the water)

Memorial Cache (Virginia)
Great Neck Park in Virginia Beach. (Pictures: the memorial, view from there, another view from there)

Flame of Hope (Virginia)
POW/MIA memorial in Virginia Beach.

Thursday - The Hurricane

My 30th birthday. Also, the hurricane.

Hurricane Isabel made landfall on this day. Lots of strong wind and rain but it all quieted down by night. Needless to say, I didn't go anywhere.

Friday - Heading Home

Since the power was out over nearly the whole area, I decided to go home. Nothing I can do there anyway.

Interstate Music Exchange (Virginia)
Bryan Park in Richmond. Richmond was hit hard by the hurricane. They didn't have power either and there were lots of fallen trees in the park, including a big one blocking the park entrance. So I had to park outside and walk in. (Pictures: this fallen tree was blocking the park entrance, it's lying across the road, tree that broke off, another tree that broke off)

I- 95 North Micro Cache (Virginia)
Rest area on I-95 Northbound in Ruther Glen. Unfortunately, the rest area was closed. But I stopped just outside the barricade and walked in. The cache had been knocked out of its hiding spot, probably by the hurricane.

Slippery Slope (Virginia)
Locust Shade Park in Triangle. This is find #2000! Very easy even though I bushwhacked nearly all the way from parking. (only about 600 feet)

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