Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Tuesday's Ton Of Stuff

Had a craving for a Turkey BLT today so I went to the Tiffany Diner to get that. Now, it has been said that cravings can be linked to certain nutritional deficiencies that the body is trying to correct. I have to wonder though what essential nutrients a Turkey BLT supplies. It's about as ordinary a dish gets at a typical diner.

Hit some noteworthy Where's George milestones. First would be 20,000 hits.

My Where's George stats:
This page was refreshed on Sep-23-03 09:17 AM
You have entered 68,687 Bills worth $123,059.
Bills with hits: 14,952
Total hits: 20,042
Hit rate: 21.77%
George Score: 1,324.29
Your rank (based on George Score) is #8
(out of 10,944 current users with a George Score. [99.9 Percentile])

Second would be my first hit at Where's Willy! That's the Canadian version of Where's George. Of course, opportunities to obtain and spend Canadian paper money tend to be rather limited around here.

An evening of software upgrades...

Upgraded to Opera 7.20 today. One new feature I like is hitting '/' now does an inline find. And the Google text ads seem to be a bit less annoying. (I haven't registered yet.)

Also went out to get Streets and Trips 2004 and installed it this evening. The only reason I needed it is to get new map data with the correct exit numbers on Pennsylvanian highways. They renumbered all the exits over the past two years or so, making the directions from my existing copy of S&T pretty useless. I managed to make S&T 2004 hang within a few minutes of starting it up. Bummer. Apparently, it gets stuck if the Mappoint web server is unavailable when it tries to get new construction info. It got stuck so bad that I couldn't kill it in Task Manager. Rebooting works, of course, but that's pretty drastic. Oh well. I'll just not get the construction info for now.

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