Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Wednesday Three

The first two are close to home so why not? The third is quite a bit further off in Bear Mountain but it's a Big Bill geocache. Gotta find 'em all!

Haiku Cache No.2-Orangetown Historical Museum (New York)
Pearl River. There are a few mini-museums in the area. This is one of them. The cache is just in the woods behind.

Haiku Cache No.1-Veteran's Memorial Highway (New York)
Orangeburg. This is just outside a cemetery. A little different because all the burial markers I could see were tiles set in the ground, not the regular standing headstones.

Bear Mountain White Trail (New York)
Appalachian Trail at the Bear Mountain State Park. Like most of Big Bill's it's an easy walk and a pretty straightforward find. There was some kind of classic car show going on at the end of the field. I also found a set of old steps leading up to an abandoned building and a shack apparently used for the manger scene in a Christmas play. (Pictures are here)
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