Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Loading up the Visor Platinum

The Platinum has 8MB of memory vs. the Visor's 2MB. So I have 6MB free. Might as well add more software...

PocketLJ: A LiveJournal client, of course. Actually, I could've installed it on the old Visor since it only takes about 21KB. It's an AvantGo channel. One problem it has is even though I set the timezone option, the entries are one hour behind. However, this is easy to correct by hand and the problem may go away when Daylight Savings ends.

Plucker: Offline web browsing. With more memory, I'm able to have both Plucker and AvantGo. I think Plucker is better for offline browsing because most of the preprocessing happens before the sync, instead of during the sync in the case of AvantGo. Saves batteries this way. However, I'd still need AvantGo for PocketLJ. As a plus, the Plucker installation process seems a lot easier now than what I remember from way back when.

Mahjongg from Global Star Software: The matching tiles game. Hey, it was free after rebate from CompUSA. :)

PrintBoy: Another rebate item from CompUSA. It prints from the PDA directly to a printer with an infra-red port. Won't be very useful though because only one of the printers I have access to has such a port.

FreeWrite: A simple word processor. It's freeware and looks pretty useful but I can't use it because according to the license, it is for educational purposes only. Oh well. But if you're in school, check it out.

WordSmith: Full-featured word processor. Using it in trial mode for now. Probably overkill for what I need but there don't seem to be too many other good document editors out there.
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