Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island Picnic

Saturday: Went to the 2003 Long Island Cache Event. Great opportunity to meet the locals as for some reason or other, I hardly ever run into anyone on Long Island. Of course there were geocaches placed for the picnic too.

Before the picnic:

Back In My Little Town (New York)
In Floral Park. Quick virtual cache to start the day.

Cats -n- Dogs Cache (New York)
Just outside the Garden City Country Club in Garden City. Not entirely sure about the merit of this location but the sidewalk outside a private golf course is public.

The Mighty Carlls River (New York)
Belmont Lake State Park in Babylon. Coordinates were incorrect the previous time. Now that they've been corrected, the cache is a quick dash and grab. It's actually before the Carlls River from where I parked, which was at a residential street corner. The only waterway I came across was a small creek, which I'm sure isn't it.

RPA-40 Travel Bug Motel (New York)
Heckscher State Park in East Islip. A quick dash and grab via the bike path entrance at the side of the park. Took this opportunity to unload nearly all the travel bugs I was holding, and picked up some new ones.

At the picnic:

WRR-4 Southaven State Quarter Cache (New York)
Southaven Park in Brookhaven. From the picnic, I went with Cat-in-the-hat to find this one.

M&M-6 Horse's Delight (New York)
Southaven Park in Brookhaven. Cat-in-the-hat knew of closer parking so we went and parked there and took a short walk to this cache. Nice to have a local who knows the area.

WRR-5 Southaven Multi (New York)
This was in generally the same area Cat-in-the-hat and I did this one next.

JMB-15 Southaven Bucket. This one isn't listed yet as it was a late addition. Pretty long walk from the picnic area. About 1.5 miles. I think I made it closer to 2 miles because I continued further down the same trail and approached the cache via the powerlines trail. Broad paths going that way but longer. Very easy find even if the last part was a bit muddy. The cache was a 5 gallon bucket so the hardest part was getting it out of where it was hidden as the opening didn't seem quite big enough. When I was nearly done, Cat-in-the-hat arrived at the cache location so we took a walk back to the picnic area together. Everyone had left by that time so technically we were the last ones at the picnic.

After the picnic:

One-time fee (New York)
Majorie Post Park in Massapequa. I was able to park within 50 feet of the cache. Very easy.

Good morning, Sunrise! (New York)
Sunrise Highway in Lynbrook. Apparently, there is a walking path between the Sunrise Highway and the railway.

Yancx's 3rd Cache - Where's George Cache #1 (New York)
Valley Stream. Strange place for a cache between houses and the Green Acres Mall.

Yancx's 5th Cache - Just Another WG$ (New York)
Valley Stream. Another strange place for a cache between houses and the Green Acres Mall.

Today: Raining. I'll see if the weather gets better in the afternoon but otherwise, there's no reason to go outside.

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