Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lazy Rainy Sunday

It was raining heavily this morning so I thought I'd stay inside to catch up on everything else. Then I saw the Rest Stop cache listed and figured that was something I could get even if it was pouring outside. So I went. The rain stopped in the afternoon, even if it was still very cloudy, so I got a few other geocaches as well. Just made a big circle through Central and North Jersey.

In the evening, the sun came out for a few minutes and promptly set. And everyone was glad for the Vitamin D.

Rest Stop Garden State Pkwy (South) Iselin, NJ (New Jersey)
In Iselin, of course. It's just an area next to the Parkway with two gas stations. Nothing else.

Red & Blue Light Special (New Jersey)
Cedar Brook Park in Plainfield. I thought it would be complicated to find my way here but I made only a few turns after exiting the Parkway. There are lots of Indian restaurants on Oak Tree Road in Edison.

Little Brook Cache (New Jersey)
Little Brook Sanctuary in Bernardsville. This is the land of mansions with enormous yards. Strange thing is the roads are in pretty bad shape. You'd think the property taxes would take care of that, but no. Anyway, I'd been to this park before for another cache so I had a bit of familiarity with the location. But it was an easy cache anyway.

Remembering Gerima (New Jersey)
Mahlon Dickerson Reservation in Oak Ridge. Familiar location since I'd been here for other caches. About 1/3 of a mile from parking. An easy walk and bag.
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